GS   200 Auto Chemistry Analyzer
Technical Specification
· Discrete, random access, fully automated
·> 225 tests/hour without ISE
· STAT samples can be inserted at random
· Unattached reagent & sample probe, liquid level detection collision protection
System Function
Automatic Chemistry Analyzers
Fully automatic Random Access Analyzer  
Real time view of system, reagents and sample status  
· Throughput: 225 tests/hour without ISE module
· Methodology: End-point, Kinetic, Fixed-time,
Dual reagent chemistries, bichromatic
· Sequence : Continuum, Optional, Sample number, STAT sample priority
Sample/Reagent System
· Sample/Reagent tray: 10 positions for samples and 20 positions for reagents in refrigerated compartment (4-15 C°)
· Sample Volume: 2-30ul, step by 0.1 ul
·· Sample probe: Unattached sample probe, liquid level detection
             & collision protection
· Probe cleaning: automatic washing for both inside and outside carryover <o.1%
· Reagent Volume: 20-300ul, step by 1ul
· Reagent probe: Unattached reagent probe, liquid level detection
 & collision protection
· Water consumption: 6L/ hour, unique washing system to avoid carryover
Reaction System
· Test sequence optimization to reduce carry over
· Maintenance free heating system
· 24 hour non-stop cooling with Peltier element
¡¤Ready-to-use liquid stable reagents
· Minimum reaction volume: 150ul
· Reaction temperature: 37± 0.1C°
· Mixer: independent mixer,
Optical System
· Light source: Halogen-tungsten lamp, 12V20W, ~2000 hours
· Wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm.
· Absorbence range: 0-6
Calibration and Control
· Calibration mode: linear( one/two/multi-point), Logit-4P, Spline, exponential, polynomial
Operation System
· Windows XP
· Data Storage: Automatic storage, automatic back, keep the data forever
· Print format: Common formats available, print at your choice
· Real time view of system, reagents and sample status  
Working Conditions
· Power Requirement: AC220V ± 22V, 55Hz ± 5Hz
· Dimension: 720mm* 620mm*1100mm ( W*D*H*)
· Net weight: 100kg