Throughput:Up to 225 tests per hour (without ISE)
Methodology:End-point, Kinetic, Two-point, dual reagent or dual wavelength supported
Test Access:Random access, STAT access, sample sequence access
Patented photoelectric testing system, full sealed, free from maintenance and mildew
Colormetric readings taken in 81 channels simultaneously, definitely different from flow-cell system
Perfect test process, invariable interval of sampling
Unique design of system, super low noise and free from dust and humidity
High accurate plastic driver agent, precise and reliable location with noise less

Sample/Reagent System

Sample disk:60 sample positions
Sample volume:2-30µl per test, step by 0.1µl
Sample tube:Compatible with one-off blood collection tube, minimal tube, plastic tube, etc.
Probe:Polished interior/exterior of probe, with liquid level detection an d collision protection function
Water consumption:1.5L per hour; enhanced washing process, more effective to be away from carryover
Compatible with reagents of HITACHI and OLYMPUS, no need to reload

Reaction System

Cuvette:Special Ultraviolet transmitting plastic cuvette, free from mechanical malfunction and trouble of maintenance
Volume:Min. reaction volume 150µl
Heating: Full-sealed constant temp heating by solid substance, fast and equable, free from maintenance
Reagent:cooling Uninterruptible cooling
Reaction temp:37±0.1C°

Optical System

Light source:Halogen-tungsten lamp, 12V 20W, lifetime is more than 2000 hours.
Photometric method:Unique array back-diving-light by filter technology, full-sealed, free from mildew
Wavelength:8 wavelength (340,405,450,510,546,578,630,670nm)
Absorbance range 0-4

Calibration & Control

Calibration mode:Linear, Logit-4P, Spline, Exponential, Polynomial
New creative automatic curves of goodness of fit.

Operation system

Windows 2000
Data save:Automatic storage, automatic back-up, and store permanently kinds of data
Printing:General printing formats are available and also customized format
Testing status:Real-time intelligent monitoring for the whole reaction process

Working conditions

Power supply:AC100-220V, 55±5HZ
Dimension:1100mm X680mm X 580mm
Net Weight120KG

Download PDF format:shenghuaeng.pdf